Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green:
A pragmatic approach of children in the developing world taking on Climate Change.

Joseph Masembe CEO Uganda's Little Green Hands

Joseph Masembe CEO Uganda’s Little Green Hands

We are the proud recepients of a National Environment Recognition award 2014 for pioneering a new approach to Environmental Conservation Education using children.
What we are about is sowing the seeds of environmental propriety in the children and teaching them that owning up to and taking care of their environment is their responsibility. We seek to assign responsibility of ensuring a Green future for all on the children because the future belongs to them. We have pioneered a new wave of change where we are making environmental conservation education cool for kids. It is not in the National education curriculum so we are creating an extra curricular segment for environmental conservation education by driving children to each plant at least a fruit tree in their homes or wherever they can.


Who we are:
The movement pioneers new form of Civic responsibility and leadership in the fight against Climate Change that involves children under 13 to mitigate climate change for the good of their generation.
Now with an army of 80,000 kids from over 140 schools scattered all over Uganda, These Little Green Hands are taking on Climate Change head on.

How we do it?
We organize children in primary schools to learn about their environment and to contribute positively to environmental conservation while playing. They plant trees in schools, and every holiday, we carry out activities like Green Festivals, Christmas parties, talents shows, etc, where children listen to talks on environment, play games and take home free fruit trees seedlings.
With fruits children grow their own vitamin C rich fruits like mangoes, avocado, oranges, etc. Meanwhile, every tree counts in environmental conservation.

Our mission:
“Our Environment is our future and our future is our Responsibility”
Our goal is to mobilize a million children every year to plant a million fruit trees.