vp world e day

There is an old saying taken from the native Americans. It goes on to say that,

” We do not inherit the Earth from our Parents and grand parents. we simply borrow it from our children.”

A few years ago I learnt this and that is why I started marshaling up kids in primary schools to develop a love for their environment because the land that we live in belongs to them. When we are all greyed up and wrinkled and we take leave of this earth, the children will then take charge of what is rightly theirs. So I started slowly by slowly to drive a new form of civic responsibility in the kids reminding them that caring for and loving their environment is not only beneficial to them but that they can have fun while doing it and going Green is the only way.

During this years World Environment Day celebrations in Uganda, these humble efforts were recognized when the Vice President of Uganda his excellency Edward Sekandi presented me with the National Environment Recognition Award 2014. This award however truly belongs to the 80,000 Little Green Hands that have so far planted a fruit tree each.

We are on course to make this a truly national frenzy. And with the Green Festival just round the corner, who knows, the number may just become 100,000 on the 24th of August. Lets keep up the fight because Climate Change is not slowing down.

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